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Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education
CBSE Affiliation No: 1130221
School Code: 30160 | Udise No. : 27251601904



  • The school has well qualified, experienced, dedicated and competent staff, who adopts a combination of both the modern and traditional approach in imparting education to inspire and motivate the students to gain knowledge and explore their hidden talents.
  • Teachers have adopted Child Centric learning pattern while managing Academics as well as Class Administration.
  • They are techno-savy to tap online resources to guide students.
  • Co-curricular activities are designed in such a way that they will cover to keep National values, celebrations etc.
  • Teachers always sharpen their skills by participating in various workshops , CBSE trainings & checking Q.P. for board exams.
  • Salient Features

    • Natural and Pollution free campus
    • Well planned building with well equipped laboratories, library, play ground and computer facilities
    • Highly qualified, experienced and dedicated staff
    • Affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Delhi
    • Teacher Student Ratio 1:40
    • Smart Class Teaching with the use of modern technology to give a realistic view to the teaching-learning process
    • Special coaching in Music, Dance, Athletics, Football and Karate
    • Special training for Competitive exams and Scholarships
    • Medical facility at the campus
    • A specially designed playground with modern equipments


    The school has well qualified, experienced, dedicated and competent staff, who adopts a combination of both the modern and traditional approach in imparting education to inspire and motivate the students to gain knowledge and explore their hidden talents.

    Class Rooms

    The classrooms are spacious, well ventilated, clean and equipped with the modern educational amenities for smart class teaching that enrich the quality of the teaching learning process.


    The school has a spacious library, well stocked with books on all subjects. It also has Periodicals, Magazines, Reference Books, Encyclopedia and Inspirational books , Educational CD’s for the students and the teachers.


    The school has well equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. They are provided with adequate workstations. The laboratories provide the students to gain the practical experience of the theoretical knowledge gained from the books. It provides the students a platform for self experimentation and also explores the curiosity for learning how things work.
    Laboratory1 Laboratory2 Laboratory3 Laboratory4

    Computer Center

    The Computer center is provided with sufficient number of computers. The students are trained in the Information Technology by giving unlimited access to the computers and the software tools. N-Computing & Internet facility is available for the teachers & students.
    Computer Center Computer Center


    Sports facilities and equipments available

    Special Coaching available  for Facilities available
    Athletics Shot-Putt, Discuss, Javelin, Long-Jump
    Volleyball Balls, Net, 2 grounds
    Kho-Kho 2 grounds
    Kabaddi 2 grounds
    Yoga 12 Mats, Stretching bars, Single Bar, Double Bar
    Karate Boxing Kit, Punching bag
    Football Footballs

    Physical fitness and health education form an integral part of the school curriculum. A specially designed play ground with modern play equipments is the special feature of the school. Trained professional teachers provide coaching to the students in Athletics as well as Football, Volleyball, Kho-Kho, Cricket, Ball Badminton etc. A special Sports room includes facility for indoor games such as Carrom, Chess etc. The students are trained by the teachers for Inter school and National events.
    Sports1 Sports2 Sports3

    Training Programme & Clubs

    The school believes in nurturing the minds and developing the creative aspect of every child. With this view, the school imparts special training to the students in Fine arts, Performing Art, Marshal Art etc. School students participate in various club activities like Heritage & Integrity Club, Eco club, Health & Wellness are in the school . Exposure to these activities helps them to explore their hidden talents and meet the degree of excellence with due guidance and inspiration of our trained professionals.
    Activities Activities Activities Activities Activities Activities Activities Activities Activities Activities Activities

    Entertainment Activity

    The school celebrates its Annual Social Gathering every year to help the students discover their hidden talents through their hobbies. Regular Co-curricular activities are arranged in the school to inspire the students and create a healthy competitive atmosphere.
    EntertainmentActivity1 EntertainmentActivity2 EntertainmentActivity3 EntertainmentActivity4 EntertainmentActivity5


    The school organize picnics and educational visits as a source of enjoyment as well as informal learning through actual visualization.
    Excursion Excursion Excursion Excursion Excursion Excursion Excursion Excursion Excursion

    Medical Facility

    A well qualified and experienced medical staff is associated with the school within the campus. Early medical check up of the students is carried out under the supervision of these doctors. The students having any health problem are being treated by the doctors with a regular follow up.
    Medical Facility Medical Facility

    Smart Class Teaching

    The school has recently installed the modern technology system in the classrooms to provide quality education to the students. This is a Smart class. Smart class is a comprehensive solution designed to enhance student’s academic performance with simple, practical & meaningful use of technology.
    Smart Class Teaching

    Teaching Technique

    Creative and Activity oriented learning is being observed in the school by all the eminent teaching staff. Information and innovative techniques are the part and the parcel of teacher’s techniques. Wherever possible children will have opportunities to actually experience and apply information and knowledge. Special emphasis laid on creating an environment for self learning, the curriculum is investigative in nature and children will be encouraged to conduct surveys, research topics and conduct experiments, field visits to understand the concepts.
    Teaching Technique1 Teaching Technique2 Teaching Technique3 Teaching Technique4 Teaching Technique5 Teaching Technique6 Teaching Technique7

    Teaching Faculties

    All the teachers are specially qualified in their respective subjects like English, Maths, Science, Social Science, Marathi, Hindi, Music, Computer, Drawing, Yoga, Dance. They are recruited after rigorous interview. A very healthy and comfortable working atmosphere helps to bring out the best in staff. Additional staff with requisite qualifications and experience are appointed every year. Regular Teacher Orientation and Teachers Training programmes through CBSE & various agencies are organized to upgrade their knowledge and to keep them acquainted with new trends in education.

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